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The Five Astral Realms

I. Realm of the Present

This realm is the most commonly visited realm of all. When people dream and project, this is where they usually end up.

The Realm of the Present is in complete congruence with the present, material reality. The only thing that changes is that you can pass through seemingly solid objects at will during a successful astral projection.

II. Realm of Time

The three-fold formulation of time (past, present and future) truly comes to life when you choose to travel to this realm.

You would know that you are in the Realm of Time when your surroundings and the circumstances that you see during your travel changes (pictures fade or become very clear, etc.)

III. Realm of the Cosmos

The Realm of the Cosmos reflects the expanded, physical universe as we know it. If you wish to travel to other planets or go beyond the Milky Way Galaxy, the Realm of the Cosmos can help you discover what you wish to know about the physical universe.

IV. The Realm of Guidance

The Realm of Guidance is a special realm where intellect and wisdom of the ages are developed and passed down to the present time.

This spiritual realm is the place you have to visit if you wish to find answers to life’s most puzzling questions. This place in the astral plane is also called the Teaching Realm.

V. The Realm of Spirituality

The Realm of Spirituality is a glorious and happy place where discarnate spirits live. When you reach this place (which has several levels), all fears that you have developed living in the physical plane will vanish.

As one moves upward to the higher levels of the Realm of Spirituality, the realm becomes even more beautiful and wonderful.  http://roseannstreasures1.com/simple-meditation-tips


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Dream Control

Dream Control

I was sick, I had a stomach virus in real life. It seemed like I had to go to the bathroom every hour on the hour. I had a very difficult trying to sleep and it affected my ability to control my dreams (or so I thought, at that time). Then, I finally fell a sleep and had a dream that I was actually able to control. I was boarding a private plane to fly from New York to CT. I was with my wife (Maria) and I felt like I had to get something really important. The funny thing was, I didn’t know what it was that I was supposed to get. We were rushing around trying to figure out what it was.

The next thing I knew, we were flying in the air getting closer to the water. It was a beautiful site to behold, the orangery sky in the background. It was at that precise moment that the pilot yells “We are going to crash and we are going to DIE!!!” My wife was in a panic and started yelling and crying. At that moment, I pinch myself and said to the pilot “I am not going to DIE, I am only dreaming and I am going back to real life now!!” The pilot kept yelling that we are going to DIE at the top of his lungs and so was my wife. I said “Listen, we are not going to Die!!” My wife and the pilot finally stop and listened to me. I asked the pilot if he had a parachute. He said yes, here is your parachute, let’s go. I told him that I don’t need one because I am going back to real life. I feel sick and I need to take care of myself. I told the pilot to go, and he left as fast as he could. We looked down and his chute opened, so he would be fine. I told Maria we were going to be OK. She said are you sure and I said you can always trust me, right? She said OK.

As the plane started to go down fast and we got closer to the ground or water (I could not tell which one we were going to hit), I snapped out of the dream. We were right in our bed safe and sound she was sleeping. It was fun being that close to death and just ending up in the comfort of your own bed. Here is a trick I use when trying to lucid dream. I pinch myself in real life once a day, a pinch will hurt you in real life, but not in a dream. That’s why when I pinched myself in the dream, and it did not hurt, I knew it was just a dream, It is a habit I do in real life so it seems to set a trigger when I am dreaming.


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