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When Can You Expect To Stop Snoring?

Now that you know you have a snoring problem, you want to stop. Snoring is disrupting your sleep, work and social life. All you want is a good night’s sleep. Once you start seeking treatment, when can you expect to finally stop snoring for a better rest? Each case is different, so be prepared for a period of trial and error.

Mild Snoring Problems

If you have a simple snoring problem, it is probably related to your sleeping position and ability to breathe. By changing your sleep position, adding another pillow or running a humidifier in your bedroom, you can stop snoring in as little as a day.

Moderate Snoring Problems

Other snoring problems might be due to allergies or respiratory problems causing ongoing congestion. You may decide to try various homeopathic or OTC remedies to address your breathing issues. Once you find a snoring treatment that works, it usually takes only a few days to see results.

More Serious Snoring Problems

Sleep apnea, anatomical issues and respiratory disorders require diagnosis and treatment from a medical professional. This might involve testing, a sleep lab and a period of trial and error that includes prescription drugs or dental devices. Within a few weeks, you should find a solution to your snoring.

Severe Snoring Problems

The most severe snoring problems necessitate surgery to remove breathing obstructions. Preparation and recovery from surgery can take several weeks. It might be a couple of months before you experience relief from snoring.

No matter how long it takes, finding a solution to your snoring problems is essential. Snoring might be an indication of a more serious health problem that should be addressed right away. Snoring also disrupts your sleep and your loved ones’ sleep, causing additional health problems.

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