Privacy and anonymity have been reduced to the point of non-existence in recent years. Our personal, private information is stockpiled and sold to the highest bidder like so much inventory at a warehouse. National Security Letters are written to make countless requests for records from our search engines, libraries, and book stores with no court oversight.Email and especially searchable data is practically unprotected from anyone who might ask to have it. All our electronic communications are tapped. Massive governmental data mining schemes are being built to record everything we publish on the web. In many workplaces, employers spy on and control their employees’ Internet access, and this practice is widely considered to be acceptable.

These are dark times. The Fourth Amendment has all but disappeared, thanks to the Wars on Drugs, Porn, Terror and Poverty. Any practicing trial lawyer will tell you that you can no longer rely on unreasonable search to be the basis for excluding evidence, especially fordigital evidence in the hands of a third party. Likewise the First Amendment has been shredded with exceptions and provisos, and is only truly available to those with the money to fight costly (and usually frivolous) court battles against large corporations. In short, you can say what you want so long as it doesn’t affect corporate profits.

How we got to a legal state where all this activity is the accepted norm, I’m not quite sure. It seems to stem from an underlying assumption that our function at work and at home is that of a diligent slave – a single unit of economic output under the direct watch and total control of our superiors at all times; that we should accept this surveillance because we should have nothing to hide from our benevolent overlords who are watching us merely to protect us from evil.

I believe this view is wrong. Moreover, I believe it is time to reverse the tide. This document seeks to provide the means to protect your right to privacy, freedom of speech, and anonymous net access even under the most draconian of conditions – including, but not limited to, both private and criminal investigation (which happens far more often to innocent people than one might like to think). “So what are you saying? That I can dodge bullets?” “No.. What I am trying to tell you is that when you’re ready, you won’t have to.”  http://www.infoanarchy.org/en/Category:How_to_Exit_the_Matrix


Bitcoin open source code is one of the greatest inventions ever made in the history of the entire world. It can’t be traced, stolen, duplicated, hacked or blownup. It is totally decentralized, no governments can control it. It is for the people, of the people, to use as they wish. Decentralization is one of my new favorite words. Government and banks control everything and I mean everything. Bitcoin open source, encryption, 3d printers and also the Tor project can get them off our backs (once and for all) if they are used the right way! We have now entered a Brave New World. Who ever invented the Cryptography for bitcoin is brilliant. It is thought to be someone named Satoshi Nakamoto, although it could be another person or even a group of people. I don’t really care who invented it…could have been the Andromeda council or a mad mathematician. Its simply brilliant!! Crypt-currencies are the wave of the future. I own some bitcoins and litecoins and plan on getting much more. The dollar is DONE!! It’s just a matter of time.

mastering_bitcoinThere are dozens of other “AltCoins” – variations of the Bitcoin software and network, with different goals and modifications. I have listed some below.

● NMC – Namecoin

● PPC – PPCoin (Peercoin)

● DVC – Devcoin

● TRC – Terracoin

● BTE – Bytecoin

● IXC – Ixcoin

● FRC – Freicoin

None of these are really as significant as LTC and BTC.

● LTC – Litecoin

● NVC – Novacoin

● FTC – FeatherCoin

● MNC – MinCoin

● BBQ – BBQcoin

● CNC – CHNCoin

● BTB – BitBar

Central bank manipulation of currencies will be over soon, probably within the next 5 years or maybe sooner. One or a few of these Crypto currencies will make it to the big time. The genie is out of the bottle! It’s decentralized so it will be hard for governments to stop it. Especially since the Untied states can’t blow it up. Missiles or drones don’t work here. The Untied States seems to be going hard after exchanges like Mt Gox and others. This crypto-currency system is p2p (peer to peer) just like cash changes from hand to hand. The face to face deals are more important that than the transactions processed using the big exchanges. The Government is trying hard to regulate crypto-currencies to try to get some tax money, because the currency exchanges will be required to register as a money transmitter. They can’t really regulate this, but they may scare some big exchanges for a little while. That will end when the banks go poof in the night.

The individual or p2p is the best way when you trade your money, gold, baseball cards, or whatever.

When the deal is done it goes straight in to your encrypted wallet and nobody is the wiser. And here is the best part, even if the FBI grabs your computer or cellphone. It will take them at best 6 months or so to crack the encryption. And when and if they find it, it will be nothing but a bunch of random numbers that they could never really use against you. Bitcoin keeps you anonymous if you want to be. There are also some other tricks to help you remain anonymous, I will talk about them later.

Satoshi Square, Craigslist, Starbucks, Small exchanges called Satoshi Squares where you can meet people face to face, and work out deals (to me) is the best way. Once the deal is done it’s in the wallet for a small fee, if you want it that way. You can also pick up free bitcoin from the internet, there are lot of giveaways that are not hard to find if you really want some. You will usually only pick up small amounts of bitcoin, but If you are at home with no job, or have a lot of time on your hands then why not go for it. If bitcoin goes up big then than small amount of bitcoins can turn in to something big. It just takes a little hard work. I pickup a lot of bitcoin this way, little by little, bitcoin was around 100 dollars, at the time that I wrote this article. Then I bought a few litecoins, which was around 2 dollars at the time. Litecoin has gone up a little since then around 67 cents, but if it goes to like 10 dollars or so that’s nice money and free money, for just a little of my time. You can also get people to donate to your website or blog. just put your public address with a donate next to and if people like your site they may give you some bitcoin I got some bitcoin that way (thanks, by the way) .

Encryption is the best form of protection for your bitcoin wallet, or for anything else that matters. The government makes it seem like there is no hope of keeping your information protected. Bullshit!! Encryption can help protect you from the Government and hackers. Encryption can keep anyone from stealing your information, if it is done right. This is the most important thing that you can do to protect your bitcoin wallet and it is not hard to do. Banks use encryption so why can’t you. Once people hear the word encryption they panic and think it sounds to complicated. There are some programs out there that can help. Some encryption software is actually very easy to use.


How to Buy a Hybrid

After weighing your options and letting your curiosity get the
better of you and start researching the Hybrid’s potential to
increase fuel economy and reduce emissions… you start to
hunt and shop around. Yet, the internet and printed dealer
brochures, car reviews and owner opinions only tell you part
of the story.

ALSO NOTE: It is a fact that there are a wide range of what
is put under the umbrella or identifier ‘hybrid’ that simply is
not! NOT ALL are created equal.

HYBRID CAR FACT: HYBRID vehicles being marketed as
hybrids, do not all utilize and leverage the full spectrum of
hybrid technologies that are available.

If the environment is a personal priority and selection criteria
for you, ensure that you know what you are getting and what
really is under-hood, past the hype and marketing lingo.
According to online sourcing and research regarding Hybrid
vehicles, there are currently FIVE TYPES of hybrid technology
available to automakers:

• Idle-off capability. The engine turns off when the vehicle
is stopped in traffic or at a light, and turns back on when you
move your foot from the brake to the gas pedal.

• Regenerative braking. The electric motor helps slow the
car, and functions as a generator to convert some of the
energy typically lost during braking into electricity (thereby
recharging the vehicle’s battery).

• Power assist and engine downsizing. The electric motor
helps propel the car, in particular during acceleration. Because
the motor and engine share the power load, the engine’s size
can be reduced, saving even more fuel.

• Electric-only drive. The electric motor can power the
vehicle by itself at low speeds and when first starting the car.

• Extended battery-electric range. The car runs solely on
electric power for 20 to 60 miles before engaging the gasoline
engine. You have to recharge the car’s battery by plugging it
into an external electricity source.

There are numerous types and classifications making their
way into this automotive category and hot seller:
“mild” hybrids (Honda’s Insight and Civic Hybrid) employ
the first three technologies above
“Full” hybrids, (Toyota Prius and Ford Escape Hybrid)also
“Plug-in” hybrids that utilize all five technologies are not
currently available as passenger vehicles.
“muscle” hybrids, such as the Toyota Highlander Hybrid
and Lexus RX 400h, provide only a fraction of the
potential fuel economy and environmental benefits.

In-between hybrids (Honda Accord Hybrid) fall
somewhere midway between mild and muscle hybrids.
Also “Hollow” Hybrids which is not more than a marketing
gimmick to sell conventional cars and simply calling them

Visit the Union of Concerned Scientists’ website at
http://www.hybridcenter.org to learn more about hybrid cars and
even view some side-by-side comparisons. These are
extremely useful when you compare and test drive hybrids for
yourself. (yes, we do recommend you drive as many of the
models you are considering, YOURSELF!)

Hybrid cars have many environmental and economical
incentives and benefits. You can cut down on pollutants and
emissions and get tax breaks, rebates and benefit in the long
run from saving on gas for example and low maintenance

We have in all probability not seen the last of tax rebates and
incentives. There will be more to come to encourage
consumers that it is a wiser choice.

Fuel economy is a big selling factor of these hybrid cars and
vehicles. Some say they will have slower depreciation too
pretty soon as more and more of them make their way onto
the road.

With battery efficiencies and related technology developments
fueling continued interest in hybrid and fuel cell vehicles,
futuristic transportation and even humanly powered
‘machines’, more and more of us will be looking to alternative
market offerings to get around.

Contribute and do your part to help the environment by
purchasing a electric car. The main impetus and momentum
for hybrid cards came in the early 1990s. Donated funds and
research and increasing interest in new hybrid technologies
are on the rise.

I. Realm of the Present

This realm is the most commonly visited realm of all. When people dream and project, this is where they usually end up.

The Realm of the Present is in complete congruence with the present, material reality. The only thing that changes is that you can pass through seemingly solid objects at will during a successful astral projection.

II. Realm of Time

The three-fold formulation of time (past, present and future) truly comes to life when you choose to travel to this realm.

You would know that you are in the Realm of Time when your surroundings and the circumstances that you see during your travel changes (pictures fade or become very clear, etc.)

III. Realm of the Cosmos

The Realm of the Cosmos reflects the expanded, physical universe as we know it. If you wish to travel to other planets or go beyond the Milky Way Galaxy, the Realm of the Cosmos can help you discover what you wish to know about the physical universe.

IV. The Realm of Guidance

The Realm of Guidance is a special realm where intellect and wisdom of the ages are developed and passed down to the present time.

This spiritual realm is the place you have to visit if you wish to find answers to life’s most puzzling questions. This place in the astral plane is also called the Teaching Realm.

V. The Realm of Spirituality

The Realm of Spirituality is a glorious and happy place where discarnate spirits live. When you reach this place (which has several levels), all fears that you have developed living in the physical plane will vanish.

As one moves upward to the higher levels of the Realm of Spirituality, the realm becomes even more beautiful and wonderful.  http://roseannstreasures1.com/simple-meditation-tips

The Big Three Catfishes

The United States is home to only a handful of catfish species. There are only forty-five native species of catfish in the freshwater bodies of the United States — a small number, since there are over two thousand known species of catfish in the world.

But what the United States lacks in number of species, it makes up for in the size and weight of those species. The three largest catfish species in the United States are among the largest in the world, and can challenge any beginning or seasoned angler.

This part of the book will focus on these three large species. To catch catfish, one must be familiar with how these fishes actually live in the wild.

The First Giant: The Channel Catfish

The channel catfish, or Ictalarus punctatus, is the most popular species among the Big Three in the United States. Throughout the country, this one species goes by a variety of names including:

  • Blue channel catfish

  • Fiddler catfish

  • Speckled catfish

  • Spotted catfish

  • Blue catfish

  • Blue fulton catfish

  • Chucklehead catfish

  • Eel catfish

  • Willow catfish

  • Great Lake catfish

Also guides  http://roseannstreasures1.com

You’re free to experiment with different environments when applying self-hypnosis techniques – but make sure that you never use hypnosis tapes and recordings when you are operating machinery or when you are out driving. Since you will be inducing a hypnotic trance, it would be best if you do hypnosis at home where you’re safe from any accidents.

The room where you will be holding your self-hypnosis sessions should be a bit warmer than what you are used to (the extra bit of warmth will facilitate the hypnosis, since you will be more alert when it’s warmer).

The air in the room should be clean and free from potentially distracting smells. As for your position during the hypnosis, it would be best if you used a reclining chair. You can recline during the hypnosis, but your arms should be placed at your sides to increase focus and discourage sleeping during the session.

If possible, place both feet on the ground (keep them flat and steady) and do not cross your legs during the session. Maintain a straight and firm posture during the hypnosis session to facilitate hyperawareness and to enter the hypnotic trance more easily.

During your first attempts at self-hypnosis, your hypnosis recordings should be played for at least twenty minutes per session. If you can have two or more hypnosis sessions throughout the day, that would be great – repetition gradually raises anyone’s success rate as long as the sessions are done properly.

Notes on Using Your Own Hypnosis Tapes

Since you will eventually be creating your own hypnosis tapes to focus on different issues affecting your life, here are some easy tips to maximize the effectiveness of your self-hypnosis sessions:

1. If you can only listen to your hypnosis tapes during midday or evening, then stick to these times. This is part of the mental conditioning necessary to make the repetitive hypnosis work.

Building a routine would also make self-hypnosis more convenient for you, because you won’t have to sacrifice time for other things to give a bit of time for self-hypnosis.

2. Avoid lying down during hypnosis sessions – you might fall asleep!

3. Some people prefer making “bedtime hypnosis tapes”. If this is your preference, by all means, pursue it. But instead of adding a section to the recording that actually wakes you up from the hypnotic trance, simply add a suggestion that will allow you to sleep immediately after the hypnosis session.

Do not be overly concerned if you feel bored or tired when listening to hypnosis tapes. Because as long as you are hearing these tapes, your subconscious will be absorbing and processing the positive suggestions contained in the recording.

There will also be times that you feel that you have instantly forgotten what you have just heard. This is actually a good sign ­because this signals that your conscious mind has entered a deep level of hypnotic trance and it was unable to analyze the input.

4. A hypnosis recording can be as long as thirty minutes and can contain many hypnotic suggestions and affirmations. Each set of hypnotic suggestions is called a section.

So if you have five groups of affirmations or suggestions, you have five separate sections.

It is highly recommended that you add some music in between the sections of the recording. The additional music will help you focus, help keep you in trance, and also help deflect any distracting stimuli from the external environment.

5. There are no special requirements when it comes to who will read and narrate the contents of a hypnosis recording. As long as the person can read clearly, he can be assigned the task of reading through an entire hypnosis script.

6. Excessive effort on the part of the subject to enter a hypnotic trance is counter-productive. Ease into the trance – don’t force yourself to accept hypnotic suggestions.

7. Avoid creating hypnotic suggestions that sound domineering – these will most likely be rejected by your subconscious.

8. Your motivation level has a large bearing on how effective self-hypnosis can be.

9. Instead of working on multiple issues at a time, focus on just one problem you are currently facing and work on that every day. When you have resolved that problem, move on to the next.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

The mind-body connection is one of the most important guiding principles of self-hypnosis. That’s why before any induction to a hypnotic trance, the body must be relaxed through a series of short exercises.

The following steps will help you perform progressive muscle relaxation, which will not only relax your body but will also help relieve tension and stress, and will ultimately calm your mind as well:

1. Lie on a couch or bed. Make sure that your back is completely flat. Straighten your arms and legs and just fall into a comfortable, natural lying position.

2. Clench your right hand for twenty seconds. Note the tense muscles in your right hand all the way to your right shoulder.

Release the tension after twenty seconds and compare the feeling after you’ve released the clenched fist. Make sure that you take a deep breath before releasing your right hand. As you exhale, allow all the muscles in your right arm to relax.

3. Now clench your left hand. Repeat step # 2.

4. Next, let’s work on your leg muscles. Start with your right leg – straighten your leg and use your right heel to press against the material beneath it.

Hold this position for twenty seconds and release. Compare the feeling you get after releasing the tension to the sensation of having all the muscles in your right leg contract all at once.

5. Repeat step # 4 on your left leg.

6. The next area is the calf region of your legs. Once again, begin with your right leg. Point your feet and curl all your toes so that the underside of your leg will feel some pull/tension. Hold this position for twenty seconds. Repeat with the left leg.

7. The last region is near the shin bone. What do is simply point your feet and curl all your toes upward instead of downward. This will produce muscular tension on your shin region. Hold for the twenty seconds and repeat this step with the other leg.

8. Moving upward, it’s time to relax the abdominal region. Pull the muscles in your abdominal region inward and hold this position for just ten seconds. Release.

9. Squeeze your gluteal muscles (buttocks) together and hold for ten seconds. Release.

10. Move your head up as far as you can go so that the neck muscles become tensed. Hold for ten seconds and release.

11. Point your chin downward so that the muscles at the back of the neck become tense. Hold for a few seconds and release.

12. Your facial muscles should also be relaxed. Make different facial expressions to exercise each muscle group in the facial region. Hold for a few seconds each time you do and release http://www.roseannstreasures1.com/astral-technique-2-visualizing-the-astral-double

Now that you know you have a snoring problem, you want to stop. Snoring is disrupting your sleep, work and social life. All you want is a good night’s sleep. Once you start seeking treatment, when can you expect to finally stop snoring for a better rest? Each case is different, so be prepared for a period of trial and error.

Mild Snoring Problems

If you have a simple snoring problem, it is probably related to your sleeping position and ability to breathe. By changing your sleep position, adding another pillow or running a humidifier in your bedroom, you can stop snoring in as little as a day.

Moderate Snoring Problems

Other snoring problems might be due to allergies or respiratory problems causing ongoing congestion. You may decide to try various homeopathic or OTC remedies to address your breathing issues. Once you find a snoring treatment that works, it usually takes only a few days to see results.

More Serious Snoring Problems

Sleep apnea, anatomical issues and respiratory disorders require diagnosis and treatment from a medical professional. This might involve testing, a sleep lab and a period of trial and error that includes prescription drugs or dental devices. Within a few weeks, you should find a solution to your snoring.

Severe Snoring Problems

The most severe snoring problems necessitate surgery to remove breathing obstructions. Preparation and recovery from surgery can take several weeks. It might be a couple of months before you experience relief from snoring.

No matter how long it takes, finding a solution to your snoring problems is essential. Snoring might be an indication of a more serious health problem that should be addressed right away. Snoring also disrupts your sleep and your loved ones’ sleep, causing additional health problems.

With a myriad of snore cures available, you can snore no more sooner than you think!   http://dld.bz/dEdbE