I will go to the moon for Dogecoins faucet stlye

Bitcoin_euroThere are some dogecoin faucets, out there, for all to take advantage of. Since dogecoins are going to the moon! I would like to join them on that trip. So I might as well pick up some coins along the way! Here are some way to grab some coins. You can do CyanRainbow every 8 hours, they can give out anywhere between 1 to 20 coins at a time. You can also visit the dogecoin faucet named Crypto Spout once a day and it gives you anywhere from 1 to 5 dogecoins. The good thing about doing these two is that it does not take up to much time. Which is good in human years! While you are picking up potential money for the future. Now, there is a payout threshold for all coins, each site should let you know what it is. Sounds like a dogecoin payday to me. WOW! There are more faucets to talk about.

Now these coin faucets are a little bit more work, but much reward. The next 3 coins I will give you are hourly ones. The FreeDoge faucet is a great one that gives you a random amount of Dogecoins every hour. They really add up quickly and you can cash out once you reach 5 Dogecoins. Rena Faucet and Virtual Coin are a couple more that are good to do once every hour.

The best tip I can give you is keep the Dogecoin faucets open on another tab or page while you are doing something else on the computer. Then, do them when you get a chance to so you won’t get overwhelmed or bored. I like picking up money so it’s no problem for me, but I hope you join me and grab some coin too. So I will not be too rich and greedy for grabbing so much coin, but that’s up to you, I hope you join in. Spreading the wealth is always better.

Also, there are new coin faucets every so often. So, come back and check out  http://www.roseannstreasures1.com/do-you-want-some-bitcoins and I will add the new ones at the end of the article. Join in on the dogecoin faucets with me, for much wealth.


How to Get FREE Bitcoins

I just started using Bitcoin and Litecoin faucets this past year. So far, my bitcoins are valued at around 400 dollars, and I have a little over 1 litecoin. There are plenty of free bitcoin faucets out there, although there are not too many litecoin faucets available. It took about 6 months to earn 400 dollars worth of Bitcoins and 4 months to earn 1 litecoin. Its free money and I would like to see more people take advantage of this! I read a comment on reddit, (Finally hit $5 using Bitcoin faucets everyday for 3 weeks I’m 18, set up an offline wallet and have been using faucets for the last 3 weeks everyday, all day. Today I finally hit $5 total, this was a ton of work for only 5 bucks, so I probably will stop. But I’m glad I can say I did it!!) This is good thing, that 5 dollars that he made can turn into 500 or more in a year or so. Its free money!! It all adds up and if bitcoins go up to 10, 20, 30 thousand that 5 bucks wont seem so small.

When you look at bitcoin you look in to the future. So here is a way to start building your future. My wife and I run an internet business (http://roseannstreasures1.com) so this gives us time and the freedom to say consistent and keep up with the faucets. This can also be done easily by people on welfare, unemployed people and couples (where you can take turns working) ? but really anybody can do it. I am assuming you have a wallet set up, this is a must. And if you don’t have a wallet then you are losing out on free money!! If you don’t have a Bitcoin wallet, you can get one here. If anonymity is not a major concern for you, you can also click here to get an online wallet. Just keep in mind, that all of these transactions are listed in the blockchain and that you will be trusting your wallet to someone else for safe keeping. That, in itself poses some risks. For instance, their website could be hacked (even with security measures in place, this still happens sometimes) or they could have server problems stopping the site from coming online. These issues make it difficult to access your funds when you need them. Just be sure to read all information on their website before making your decision.

Ok, so let’s talk about some Bitcoin faucets now. Many bitcoin faucets give out free coins by the hour, some are once per day and others times vary. Each individual website will indicate when you can come back again to claim more free coins. The first one, that I will give you, is a site called Land of Bitcoin and it provides multiple free faucets for you. There are may others, but I am primarily using this one for now!! The Land of Bitcoin website gives you as many as 31 faucets at a time. They even time them, so the faucets only pop up when they are ready to be done again. The trick is to do as many as you can each hour. Just register and then Login to Land of Bitcoin. Next, leave it running in the background on your computer while you are doing something like being on Facebook, watching a sporting event or what ever you like to do. If you have the volume up on your computer, then you will actually hear a little ‘ding’ sound that will let you know that faucets are ready. Just do it when you get a chance, don’t let it consume you. If you can do it at-least 8 to 10 times a day it all adds up. Within a month or so you will have somewhere in between 1 dollar to 5 dollars which might end up being your most valuable asset. There are also a couple of 6 and 12 hour ones theses are easy to do. Here is a 6 hour bitcoin for you. You should be able to do this twice a day, maybe even three times, that does not take up too much time. They add up if you do this each day, and if bitcoin goes up in price while you are picking them up, then it’s MORE MONEY!! and FREE!

This can help unemployed people, they can pick up some bitcoins while they are home and it could help them out down the road. There is no risk, it only takes a your time and it stays anonymous if you just save it in a wallet. This is a way to maybe get off of welfare, or if you are poor (but have access to a computer) this can help you fight your way out of poverty. It won’t happen over night, but with persistence and the right strategy, it will go a long way to helping you out. This is also good for couples or roommates in college. You could team up and consistently stay on a schedule and that can speed up the process. You can also try other crypto-currencies like Litecoins or Dogecoins. I just started picking up Dogecoin myself. Mainly because I like starting on a new, up and coming coin so I can catch the price while it is low and hope for high returns later. It rose to the fifth ranked coin so I am not the only one thinking that way. So I will give it a chance with not much risk! You can get a Dogecoin wallet here. Dogecoin has this very fun way of doing things… you have too see for yourself. (Woof), so I think it’s worth a shot. If you want a dogecoin faucet click here.

Many people forget about crypto-currency faucets as a option to gain free coin. It’s free, you don’t have to go through any exchanges and its private money in your own bank. Which is you!! What can be better than that. Bitcoin is the leading crypto-currency right now, with a very high price. It is around 600 dollars now. It’s still worth picking up small amounts because it has tons of faucets out there and it is still expected to rise in price. And even if it falls down to pennies you did not use one red cent of your own money. It’s a win win situation!!

How to Exit the Matrix and be Free


Privacy and anonymity have been reduced to the point of non-existence in recent years. Our personal, private information is stockpiled and sold to the highest bidder like so much inventory at a warehouse. National Security Letters are written to make countless requests for records from our search engines, libraries, and book stores with no court oversight.Email and especially searchable data is practically unprotected from anyone who might ask to have it. All our electronic communications are tapped. Massive governmental data mining schemes are being built to record everything we publish on the web. In many workplaces, employers spy on and control their employees’ Internet access, and this practice is widely considered to be acceptable.

These are dark times. The Fourth Amendment has all but disappeared, thanks to the Wars on Drugs, Porn, Terror and Poverty. Any practicing trial lawyer will tell you that you can no longer rely on unreasonable search to be the basis for excluding evidence, especially fordigital evidence in the hands of a third party. Likewise the First Amendment has been shredded with exceptions and provisos, and is only truly available to those with the money to fight costly (and usually frivolous) court battles against large corporations. In short, you can say what you want so long as it doesn’t affect corporate profits.

How we got to a legal state where all this activity is the accepted norm, I’m not quite sure. It seems to stem from an underlying assumption that our function at work and at home is that of a diligent slave – a single unit of economic output under the direct watch and total control of our superiors at all times; that we should accept this surveillance because we should have nothing to hide from our benevolent overlords who are watching us merely to protect us from evil.

I believe this view is wrong. Moreover, I believe it is time to reverse the tide. This document seeks to provide the means to protect your right to privacy, freedom of speech, and anonymous net access even under the most draconian of conditions – including, but not limited to, both private and criminal investigation (which happens far more often to innocent people than one might like to think). “So what are you saying? That I can dodge bullets?” “No.. What I am trying to tell you is that when you’re ready, you won’t have to.”  http://www.infoanarchy.org/en/Category:How_to_Exit_the_Matrix

FBI vs. Bitcoin

Here is another test for bitcoin. Does encryption work? Although the FBI seizure was the second most valuable act of bitcoin confiscation ever, the Feds were actually unable to get their greedy hands on the vast majority of bitcoins associated with the Silk Road enterprise. Ross Ulbricht’s personal stash of roughly $80 million worth of bitcoins, that was collected by running Silk Road, remains untouched by the government. Unless Ulbricht hands over his password, the FBI will be unable take possession of the money. But can the government force Ulbricht to hand over a password? Is it possible, that even if Ulbritch is convicted, that the government may never end up being able to seize his riches. Other than torturing him, what other alternative would the FBI have to get its hands on the money? Because of the the design of bitcoin system, a bitcoin cannot be transferred from one user to another, without the first users private key or password to verify the transaction.

There are lots of skeptics out there that think the FBI and NSA can break encryption. For example, the FBI has seized 600,000 Bitcoins (valued at around $80 million), and they assume that they will have no problem cracking the encryption, until they realize that they cannot do anything without the private key or password. That is way I put my trust in bitcoin. So, how did the feds finally catch up with the guy who ran the Silk Road? It wasn’t through technological failure or compromise. Ulbricht, who allegedly ran the site, was just a bit too reckless in throwing around his name and clues to his identity. It has been said, that the investigator on the case traced him through various public postings, connected the dots, and even ran a little sting operation designed to ramp up the charges (supposedly, an agent pretended to be a hit man for hire, and got himself hired!). Interestingly enough, there are still another 600,000 Bitcoin that the feds can’t seem to get. Most likely, that is because the key to Ulbricht’s personal stash is in cold storage on the blockchain and can be accessed only through what’s called a ‘brain wallet’. That means that only Ross Ulbricht himself has the key to access it. What will they do to pry it out of him? To what lengths will they go? Waterboarding? Solitary confinement? Worse?

Intriguing, isn’t it? One year ago, governments were laughing at this digital currency. Almost everyone was. People said it was a fake currency, an internet scam, a Ponzi scheme. Wow, how times change! Now the world largest government is crying out, desperately trying to grab these coins. They consider them valuable assets, which, at $150 a pop they certainly are. Bitcoin … a financial system the government can’t regulate, tax, or control. Encryption and Tor project, combined with bitcoin, can get the government off your back for good!! If done right!!

Donate Bitcoins to help out.. Send Bitcoins to: 1NcTyW4QyYukGwibULSQWLBvQro

Bitcoin Revolution Satoshi Square’s have no fear

Bitcoin open source code is one of the greatest inventions ever made in the history of the entire world. It can’t be traced, stolen, duplicated, hacked or blownup. It is totally decentralized, no governments can control it. It is for the people, of the people, to use as they wish. Decentralization is one of my new favorite words. Government and banks control everything and I mean everything. Bitcoin open source, encryption, 3d printers and also the Tor project can get them off our backs (once and for all) if they are used the right way! We have now entered a Brave New World. Who ever invented the Cryptography for bitcoin is brilliant. It is thought to be someone named Satoshi Nakamoto, although it could be another person or even a group of people. I don’t really care who invented it…could have been the Andromeda council or a mad mathematician. Its simply brilliant!! Crypt-currencies are the wave of the future. I own some bitcoins and litecoins and plan on getting much more. The dollar is DONE!! It’s just a matter of time.

There are dozens of other “AltCoins” – variations of the Bitcoin software and network, with different goals and modifications. I have listed some below.

● NMC – Namecoin

● PPC – PPCoin (Peercoin)

● DVC – Devcoin

● TRC – Terracoin

● BTE – Bytecoin

● IXC – Ixcoin

● FRC – Freicoin

None of these are really as significant as LTC and BTC.

● LTC – Litecoin

● NVC – Novacoin

● FTC – FeatherCoin

● MNC – MinCoin

● BBQ – BBQcoin

● CNC – CHNCoin

● BTB – BitBar

Central bank manipulation of currencies will be over soon, probably within the next 5 years or maybe sooner. One or a few of these Crypto currencies will make it to the big time. The genie is out of the bottle! It’s decentralized so it will be hard for governments to stop it. Especially since the Untied states can’t blow it up. Missiles or drones don’t work here. The Untied States seems to be going hard after exchanges like Mt Gox and others. This crypto-currency system is p2p (peer to peer) just like cash changes from hand to hand. The face to face deals are more important that than the transactions processed using the big exchanges. The Government is trying hard to regulate crypto-currencies to try to get some tax money, because the currency exchanges will be required to register as a money transmitter. They can’t really regulate this, but they may scare some big exchanges for a little while. That will end when the banks go poof in the night.

The individual or p2p is the best way when you trade your money, gold, baseball cards, or whatever.

When the deal is done it goes straight in to your encrypted wallet and nobody is the wiser. And here is the best part, even if the FBI grabs your computer or cellphone. It will take them at best 6 months or so to crack the encryption. And when and if they find it, it will be nothing but a bunch of random numbers that they could never really use against you. Bitcoin keeps you anonymous if you want to be. There are also some other tricks to help you remain anonymous, I will talk about them later.

Satoshi Square, Craigslist, Starbucks, Small exchanges called Satoshi Squares where you can meet people face to face, and work out deals (to me) is the best way. Once the deal is done it’s in the wallet for a small fee, if you want it that way. You can also pick up free bitcoin from the internet, there are lot of giveaways that are not hard to find if you really want some. You will usually only pick up small amounts of bitcoin, but If you are at home with no job, or have a lot of time on your hands then why not go for it. If bitcoin goes up big then than small amount of bitcoins can turn in to something big. It just takes a little hard work. I pickup a lot of bitcoin this way, little by little, bitcoin was around 100 dollars, at the time that I wrote this article. Then I bought a few litecoins, which was around 2 dollars at the time. Litecoin has gone up a little since then around 67 cents, but if it goes to like 10 dollars or so that’s nice money and free money, for just a little of my time. You can also get people to donate to your website or blog. just put your public address with a donate next to and if people like your site they may give you some bitcoin I got some bitcoin that way (thanks, by the way) .

Encryption is the best form of protection for your bitcoin wallet, or for anything else that matters. The government makes it seem like there is no hope of keeping your information protected. Bullshit!! Encryption can help protect you from the Government and hackers. Encryption can keep anyone from stealing your information, if it is done right. This is the most important thing that you can do to protect your bitcoin wallet and it is not hard to do. Banks use encryption so why can’t you. Once people hear the word encryption they panic and think it sounds to complicated. There are some programs out there that can help. Some encryption software is actually very easy to use.


Mt. Gox has some new troubles, but Bitcoin is proving to be bigger than one exchange

Bitcoin_euro Bitcoin’s exchange mecca Mt. Gox is running into mounting troubles with phishing, the feds, and just keeping the lights on. But despite those problems, Bitcoin prices are holding firm

Practically everyone who is interested in the buzzy digital currency Bitcoin trades at Mt. Gox. It handles more than half of all Bitcoin’s transactions, with roughly $144 million in USD filtering through the system right now, according to Bitcoin Charts.

But Mt. Gox is under increasing legal, federal and technological pressure that appears to be causing traders to lose some faith in the website, as trading volumes on Mt. Gox are slipping.

In the latest development, Symantec researchers discovered that a group of hackers had spoofed the Mt. Gox site and duped users into downloading harmful malware onto their computers — another in a series of attacks aimed at harassing Mt. Gox and some of its users (and perhaps stealing some Bitcoins in the process). A string of malicious DDoS attacks throughout 2013 have caused the website to even shut down a few times to stabilize the currency.

Mt. Gox has also faced legal heat. The website has introduced tighter verification regulations on non-Bitcoin trades, according to Forbes, in order to separate itself from recently shuttered trading website Liberty Reserve (indicted for participating in $6 billion worth of money laundering) and intermediary Mutum Sigellum (seized by Homeland Security for failing to register as a money transmitter). On top of that, Mt. Gox has been hit with a $75 million lawsuit, according to Gawker, by Bitcoin portal CoinLab, after a partnership went sour.

Interestingly, the Bitcoin exchange rate has remained steady throughout it all. The currency has other places to go, and in the  event that Mt. Gox doesn’t make it (and there is a growing amount of chatter about that possibility), a new trading post will rise from its ashes.

Currently, 11 different exchanges manage Bitcoin transactions, with the second largest, BitStamp, handling more than $27 million in trades. As unstable as Mt. Gox may get, that escape route is a sign that Bitcoin has outgrown its original trading arena. Article by http://gigaom.com

Bitcoin Fever..The Red Pill

Bitcoin4Bitcoin is the enemy of your enemy.
Bitcoin is a bloodless revolution.
Bitcoin is fair trade AND free trade.
Bitcoin is a level monetary playing field for all countries.
Bitcoin is taking back your remote control from ‘big brother’.
Bitcoin is the cry “GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY!”.
Bitcoin is power to the consumer AND to the producer.
Bitcoin is David versus Goliath… 195 Goliaths to be precise.
Bitcoin is the “second time in history man’s mind and money were set free”.
Bitcoin is the salvation of generation X, Y and Z from the coming debt bomb.
Bitcoin is freedom from debt AND destruction of debt… vast quantities of debt.
Bitcoin is the ultimate democracy AND the greatest bulwark of republicanism.
Bitcoin is a global leaderless movement for currency independence and personal liberty.
Bitcoin is to money and liberty what the second coming of Jesus is to Christians, it changes everything.
Bitcoin is the ‘starfish’ in the book “The Starfish and the Spider”, the unstoppable power of leaderless movements.
Bitcoin is humanities cry for justice from confiscatory regulations and taxes And Bitcoin is his emancipation proclamation.
Bitcoin is economic equivalent of ‘biological warfare’… with no antidote. If debasing ones currency is the economic equivalent of ‘going nuclear’ on your own economy.
BitCoin is the train scene in Bill Murray’s ‘Groundhog day’, the giddy, reckless realization that “there would be no consequences” in answer to the drunken question “what would it mean if you knew you couldn’t die?”.
Bitcoin is ‘THE RED PILL’… You can take Ben Benanke’s blue pill and wake up tomorrow morning and believe whatever the hell you want to believe or you can take the red pill and bitcoin will show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes. http://bitcoinfever.blogspot.com

Organizing and Storage Companies don't mix

If you are like me, then you may also get overwhelmed by the amount of clutter that has accumulated in your home. Then you see, on television, a commercial for self storage companies offering an easy solution to all your storage needs. These companies try to entice you with great offers for your first months rental on the storage unit. Some companies offer $1 for the first month or even the first month free. They lure you in with these ads. You begin to think that maybe you can just get a storage unit and move some of your items there. Thus, making your home easier to organize.

However, this does not really solve any clutter problems. It sounds good in theory but, what usually happens it that you end up leaving the items in there longer than you intended. As is the case with most people, once the stuff is put into storage, you tend to forget about it. Out of sight, out of mind. Plus, then you realize that you are always too busy to go and sort through the stuff or get anything out. And of course, you can only go there when the place is open, which also limits the time you have to sort through your stuff.

These storage companies are counting on this happening to most of the people who rent the units. They figure that once people get the items into these units that they are going to leave them there for a long period of time. That is why they do everything they can to convince your to put your items there in the first place. They are hoping that you are the type of person that does not sort through items quickly. They assume that if you were not that kind of person, then you would have sorted through the stuff earlier and, therefore, would not have needed to store these items there to begin with.

I know, because I used to be that type of person myself. It is not easy to change and it is difficult for people to part with certain items, especially sentimental items. These companies also know that when a person finds it hard to deal with all of the clutter (and the emotions that go along with it), that they can easily take advantage of their vulnerability and offer what appears to be an easy way out.

And, as you continue to waste more and more money every month to keep these items in storage, you are just putting off the inevitable. Plus, if you are unable to continue paying on the unit for any reason, then the storage company will then keep all your stuff and auction it off. That is why you see shows like “Storage Wars” popping up on television. It happens so frequently that they actually turned it into a TV show.

The only real solution for your clutter problems is to sort though the items and decrease the amount of things that you actually keep. For more declutter and hoarding articles try http://declutterprogram.com

Brother sewing machine parts are sure to suit your sewing needs

Brother International Corporation was established in the US in 1954 and markets various industrial products, home appliances, and business products. manufactured by its parent company, Brother Industries, Ltd., of Nagoya, Japan. It is one of the top providers of products for the home, office, sewing and embroidery.

Brother has earned its reputation as a leading supplier of innovative, high-quality home sewing and embroidery products. They offer a full line of sewing, embroidery, quilting machines and accessories.

Brother sewing machine parts are top quality and sturdy. They are sure to suit your needs, whether you are planning on sewing or embroidering certain items. There are many additional accessories that can be added to the machines, making it very easy to customize it to your own particular needs.

When choosing a sewing machine or Brother sewing machine parts, you want to think about what the intended use is. For instance, do you plan to use it for embroidering, sewing or quilting? You want to make sure that the machine and parts are appropriate for the planned use.

If extra work space is needed, the simply expand the work area of your sewing machine with an easy to attach, extra wide extension table. It is perfect for large quilting and sewing projects. This table offers an on-board ruler for those last minute measurements, a storage area for your knee lifter and four adjustable table legs. Plus, the free-motion grip gives you added control and visibility for your next project.

There are a number of Brother sewing machine parts and accessories available to accommodate any kind of project you plan to do.

Some of them include:

Knee Lifter
A newly configured knee lifter offers 3 positions to adjust the bar to conform to your leg as you sew. Use the knee lifter for hands-free lifting of the presser foot as you work on your creation.

Bobbins & Cassettes
Remember to check the instruction manual that was included with your machine for the correct bobbin information. Several models also require a cassette for upper threading – this gives customers the convenience of having several ready when creating machine embroidery.

Accessory Feet

  • Serger Feet and Sewing/Embroidery Feet

(READ MORE) http://www.brothersewingmachineparts.com

Declutter Your Home In Less Than 10 Minutes

Reduce clutter in any room in your home, in about seven or eight minutes, with these quick organizing ideas. The first thing that you need to do is to grab a laundry basket or a box. Anything that is easy to hold and deep enough to fit lots of items. I would also suggest that you bring along a small plastic bag(the ones that stores put groceries in), to put any trash in, as you make your way from room to room.

Begin by rotating clockwise throughout the room, picking up any item that is out of place and put it in the bin. You are not going through any of the items at this stage in the process. You will have enough time to go through things, in a bit. Right now, you just need to remove any items that do not belong in that particular room of the house.

This will get rid of about 90% of the clutter, and take only about a minute or two. You will see an immediate improvement in the look of the room, just by taking this simple step. Also, is someone stops by your home, unannounced, you can just store the container in a nearby closet (just until your visitor leaves) until you can get back to it.

Next, you should take about 5 minutes to put things, that belong in that particular room, back where they belong. It is important to have a designated area chosen for everything. It is hard to place objects back, where they should be, when you do not know where that is. For example, any clean clothes should be put in the dresser or closet. Jewelry should be put back into the jewelry box.

Keep any soiled clothing in the bottom of the basket. If you have things that belong in other rooms in the home, then take the basket along with you and go from room to room putting the items in rightful places. Make your last stop be the laundry room, where you can toss the dirty clothes in the washing machine. Quick, simple and easy.

Now with that being said, these tips are not meant to take the place of a proper cleaning. Of course, you should always make time to dust, vacuum, clean and sanitize your home. Otherwise, clutter will not be your only issue (if you know what I mean). This is just meant to give you a quick way to declutter your home, in between your usual thorough cleaning routine.


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